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Aline Charigot Renoir

(1854 - 1915)


 Aline Charigot Renoir  1854 - 1915   



 Familie Renoir  


Family Renoir



Fotoausschnitt oben aus ca. 1912 mit hochgesteckter Frisur  


   Aline photo above excerpt from ca.1912, with hair pinned up



 Hochgesteckter Frisur Portrait wie oben 


    Aline Renoir with high with hair pinned up





Madame Renoir mit Ihrem Hund Bob ca. 1910


                                                                         Madame Renoir with your dog Bob, ca.1910

After a stay in 1881 in Italy, during which he (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) reading a manual authored in 1400 for painters, it is strongly oriented towards Raphael's frescoes and Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, it begins the so-called "Ingres period" * or "dry period". Renoir begins to shift from the ground up, he turns away from the spontaneity and records the forms sharply but remains on the subjects full of life. He turns away from Impressionism to the classicism. Infolink.1                                                                     

The Ingres period in the biographical notices Renoir are therefore designated ingress, as the painter Renoir greatly Dominique Ingres (see self-portrait below) oriented.

The portrait of Renoir, Woman in pink dress is a painting by Renoir in respect of the inspirational influence of Dominique Ingres ideally suited to detect the influence of whom came forth the Renoir paintings in this internalized. Dominique Ingres and Renoir Aline see almost been like siblings or twins, so frapierend and influential Renoir has fully internalized the Ingres painting style, with a smear the rest of Renoir's Impressionist Painting Method is still recognizable.



Auguste Dominique Ingres  französischer Maler und Zeichner 


     Auguste Dominique Ingres

     French painter and draftsman; * 29 August 1780 in Montauban,
      † 14 January 1867 in Paris


 Familie Renoir   Linke Handhaltung siehe Foto und Vergleiche mit Gemälde darunter


Family Renoir limp left hand position, see photo in comparison with paintings including





The dress was later painted over with red oil paint

At several points of the dress older underpainting come to the fore the reporting revealed that the dress was originally painted in pink. The color was painted over then completely removed as a result of cleaning, see the pink color of the initial erosion. The evaluation of the scientific certificate confirmed that the painting had been painted over at a later date, thus the removal of the dark red color was a legitimate procedure that had to be removed. The painting was covered over with dirt and protective lacquer layers were even painted over old dirt, and also the whole painting was cleaned in one operation.

The removal of overpainting etc. it is inevitable that other layers of color are drawn partly affected, with the result that the painting must be in part restored to shine again in its original originality way.





The oil painting over the purple color shines through in some places



 Mademoiselle Sicot, 1865


Mademoiselle Sicot, 1865 

 This painting, a lady named Sicot in a pink dress was painted by Renoir in the same color ratio as his wife Aline Renoir, see above, which was then painted over later with a different color again





Here you will find the scientific authenticity certificates

Please click on this below on the download icon in the desired language


Please note that the scientific Certificate is aimed solely at determining the typical age origins, to prove that this definitely is an original painting from Renoir's concerns, which in turn only with the application and finally the evaluation of my world unique cryptologic methods receives its necessary attribution.

Finally, at this point that the presented painting made
publicly here is an original oil painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841 - 1919) and is thus guaranteed to be genuine and authentic

Each misconception that it is the oil paintings presented here is not an original from the hand of Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841 - 1919), is categorically excluded after numerous critical studies.

A rebuttal from the fact sientifics is not possible because:



An authenticity determination has already taken place in the form of a scientific investigation and a certificate of the underlying that the painting is unequivocally classified in Renoir period.



A cross-check with the Cryptologic process after the discoverer Doc Moses with which, during the investigations Renoir typical features could be clearly demonstrated as for example.Renoirs name - monogram - initials, etc.


With the release of all presented here in www.RenoArt.com content certified Renoir, the painting "The Madonna lily" in the annals of art critical art history may be remembered as an authentic work of art Renoir.




On page 10 of the certificate is there two photos are the result of an error on the part of the institute are there and not at my request as erroneously asserted were represented there. Correctly, I must point out that the right photo is displayed in my argument about the signature sample here on my website and the name Renoir near the shoulder and the head. The photos are both shown in the certificate thus not correct!





Renoir authenticity certificates of age determination

    A.R.6.GER Aline Renoir German.pdf Download   

A.R.6.ENG Aline Renoir English.pdf Download

A.R.6.FRA Aline Renoir French.pdf Download

                                                                        A.R.6.ITA Aline Renoir Italian.pdf Download


 Nach der Reinigung kamen die Ursprünglichen Originalfarnen zum Vorschein  


      After cleaning, the original original colors came to light



Renoir mit seiner Frau


Renoir and his wife





Aline Renoir, magnification





The slightly sunken eyes and lips pressed on the photo are just a snapshot and should not be seen as a direct comparison with the painting. Known, however, but is the Aline Renoir at this time was already very ill and eventually died as a result of her illness.





For the purpose of biometric data matching the painting was cut in the head - neck area photographed and placed over the photo of the woman by Renoir. The end result was amazing, the faces of both the contours overlaid added together and almost virtually merged into one another.



Schriften in den Haaren nahe dem Ohr unter Infrarot 


Renoir in the hair, close to the ear and the shoulder under infrared reflectography Infolink.2




Signature samples Renoir



Initialien Renoirs AR links neben dem Hals seiner Frau 


Monogram AR, Auguste Renoir, to the left of the neck



Initialien Renoirs AR mit Fotofilter zur besseren Sichtbarkeit 


Renoir AR monogram, colored with photo filter for better visibility



 Initialien Renoirs AR in Schwarz - Weiss Kontrast 


Renoir AR monogram in black - white contrast





Close shut AR





The monogram of the letter R is in the middle (slightly) the fully specified name Renoir. The painting has beside the monogram a second signature.





The photo has been colored since the signature was so striking and the yellow lines have been marked by me for better identification of the borders.








 Deutlich zu erkennen die Rückseite der Uralten Leinwand


Back of the painting with a visible old canvas




Original nailing of stretcher bars



 Craquelüre - Altersrisse bestätigen die Originalität des Gemäldes


Craquelüre - Age cracks confirm the originality of the painting



 UV - Woodsches Licht


UV - Wood's light





X-ray photograph







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